Enterprise School District Office of School Safety

John Welch

Enterprise School District Safety Coordinator

Phone: 601-659-7965 EXT 224


Office Location: Enterprise Alternative School--Short Street

Severe Weather/Tornado Drill

Enterprise School District faculty, staff, and students participated in the first severe weather/tornado drill of the 2022-23 school year on August 9 & 10. All three campuses performed these drills exceptionally.

Emergency drills are performed on campuses in order to ensure that in the event of an actual emergency, students, faculty, and staff know what to do in order to maximize their safety. Drills are performed throughout the year to teach the students where to get and how to behave during an emergency. Our number one goal is to keep our students safe. These drills help ensure we do that.

School Safety Objectives






Our number one goal each day at school is to keep our students and staff safe. Primary to our approach to school safety and security is the understanding that measures must be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE. Enterprise School District is relentless in its efforts to create safe campuses and environments for our students, staff, and visitors. Elements that have been found in safe schools are:

  1. High expectations

  2. Rules

  3. Parental Involvement

  4. Teachers that know and care about each student.

  5. Administrators that are visible leaders and establish a rapport with the community.

  6. Schools that do not become complacent.

  7. School activities

  8. Positive community influences

Looking at those eight elements, we strive here at ESD to incorporate all of these elements into our schools. Doing this, we believe, provides a safe environment for all those who come on our campuses each day.